A Sustainable Agritech Solution


Agrorite is a premier digital agricultural commodity trading and logistics platform based in Lagos, Nigeria. The technology connects smallholder farmers to sell their farm produce to local and international buyers at fair and competitive prices.

Participation in agriculture is greatly enabled by encouraging sponsors to invest in the trade of agricultural produce with interesting and predictable interest rates, also a multimedia learning platform is available to keep up with farm updates and trading activities. There is an insurance cover on the trading and logistics of the farm produce and the local farmers are properly integrated by our field agents ensuring that they maintain best practices in farming and are well accustomed to the technology. The farmers also enjoy the financial inclusion Agrorite brings to their lives in terms of savings, loans, insurance, etc.

We go a step further from them by commercializing and locally integrating farmers on using our technology. Our cooperative farmers enjoy financial inclusion from us which qualifies them for savings, credits, insurance, etc. We are interested in active agricultural participation as a strategy to Zero Hunger (Working towards SDGs Goal 2). We are a cost-effective B2B company that leverages our partners for efficient and data-driven service delivery.

This is a good spot to share additional resources like downloadable content, available apps, or a product registration link. Our number one solution which is in line with Sustainable Development Goals is creating access to market for farmers at fair and competitive prices using our technology.
We are creating this solution by:

  • Assigning local field coordinators to cooperatives of smallholder farmers for proper integration of our technology which enhances farm produce quality and nutritional standards.
  • Financial Inclusion for farmers by creating access to savings, credits for expansion, insurance etc.
  • Creating an investment platform for urban dwellers where they can earn exciting and predictable interest and also an opportunity to learn from our multimedia updates.


Nigeria spends over half of its household income on food, making it the country that spends the most on food in the world. Specifically 56.4%. An average Nigerian however spends $1,132 on food annually. (World Economic Forum)
The population of Nigeria according to National Population Commission (NPC) is at 198.7 Million. Considering the population and food insecurity challenges, Agrorite is definitely playing in the right market.


  • No Poverty (GOAL 1) – Eliminating poverty.
  • Zero Hunger (GOAL 2) – Degrading hunger.
  • Reduced Inequality (GOAL 10) – stresses the need to ensure that equality is achieved irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, religion etc.
  • Responsible consumption (GOAL 12) – stresses the need to reduce food losses along produce, supply/logistics & post-harvest losses (which we are already doing by ensuring access to market for farmers).


We make 25% to 30% commissions on sales of agricultural commodities on our platform. Agrorite Limited is a Business to Business (B2B) company that makes commissions off the sale of agricultural products. We are also open to consulting for national and international research organizations due to the data and relationship we have with smallholder farmers. Started with Poultry farmers and now with Maize.


Due to the fact that our core business is in the trading and logistics of the farm produce, we have Goods-In-Transit (GIT) insurance with Lead way Assurance. Our risk mitigation measures do not permit us to share risk with farmers or farmlands. We however train the farmers, help them with crop yield through our field coordinators on the ground and also help with financial inclusion after a good working relationship for at least 6 months.


We have been featured in reputable publications which include Vanguard Newspaper, BusinessDay, Covenant University, Linda Ikeji, Nairaland to mention a few. Out of 150 countries and 120,000 startup applications. Only 1% was approved to join the Startup Turkey full program in Istanbul, including pitching on the main stage. Agrorite Limited was one of them

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