Agrorite is a premier Digital Agricultural Company based in Lagos state, Nigeria. The existence of Agrorite mainly revolves around sustainable development goal 2, Zero hunger. At Agrorite, we acknowledge the problem of food insecurity in the world and our main objective is to contribute in achieving zero hunger in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Founded in 2019 and having improved the lives of over 8,200 small holder farmers so far and with a mission of positively affecting the lives of at least 1 million small holder farmers by the year 2029, Agrorite is setting the pace for digital agriculture in Nigeria.

At Agrorite we explore the world of unlimited possibilities in the agricultural sector by employing world standard technological methods such as soil content technology, IVR , and remote sensing to ensure the quality of farm produce needed by the premium off takers are met while generating impressive profits for our investors as well as our small holder farmers.

How we do it

To meet our objectives as a premier Agri-tech company, here is what we do:

  1. Onboarding of small holder farmers: Our onboarding process starts by bringing farmers together in their various localities. We do this by contacting cooperatives and farmer Associations to help aggregate serious and experienced famers within a location. This ensures more effective communication between both parties and ease of trainings.
  2. Training: after carefully selecting our smallholder farmers we train to ensure that they are well equipped to meet the desired quality and quantity of farm produce needed by premium off-takers.
  3. Engaging investors: Simultaneously with onboarding and training of our farmers, we source cooperate and individual investors to invest or sponsor the farm(s) with reference with pre-drafted Economics of Production (EOP).
  4. Insurance: We comprehensively insure all of our processes every step of the way with our insurance partners as a form of risk control against unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Sourcing and signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with premium off-takers: Next, we engage and sign MOUs involving profitable margins with premium off-takers who are interested in our farm produce.
  6. Providing smart advisory services, inputs and Insurance for Our farmers: Small holder farmers are provided with inputs, insurance as well as extension services for the farming cycle so as to ensure that the initial farm output projections are met.
  7. Harvesting and Aggregating: upon completion of each farming cycle, farm produce are harvested and aggregated at various aggregation centers.
  8. Off-taking and Trade: After aggregation, the farm produce are off-taken by premium off- takers, both local and internationally at pre-agreed rates and the realized profits are shared appropriately.

To all of us at Agrorite, achieving zero hunger is possible. What better way to do this than establishing partnerships?

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