Discreet Benefits Of Cultivating Cassava

The most favorable increasing conditions for cassava farming is in humid-warm climates at temperatures between 25 – 29 ° C and precipitations between 1000 – 1500 mm, which should ideally be spread uniformly throughout the year.

The benefits of cultivating cassava cannot be over emphasized, because in many countries (including Nigeria) cassava is a precious subsistence and cash crop. Cassava is the most significant root crop in the tropics. For more than 500 million individuals, its starchy origins are a significant source of dietary energy. It is considered among staple plants to be the largest producer of carbohydrates.

Several products can be derived from cassava which includes: Cassava flour, animal feed, alcohol, starches for sizing papers and textiles and sweeteners. These products represent potential market development opportunity for cassava. Fresh roots and leaves are used primarily as human food. Cassava leaves can also be eaten in plastic bags as a fresh vegetable. The leaves and tubers are the most important part of cassava used by people.

Cassava is an excellent source of Starch, Vitamin C, Calcium, etc. A good combination of these nutrient is beneficial to the health. Other health benefits of cassava include:

  1. Helps smoothens and brightens the skin: An excellent remedy for skin problems is cassava peels. Cutting the peels and mixing them into a paste, and then applied to the affected part. If used as body scrub, it helps get rid of extra oil on the skin.
  2. Helps in losing weight: The amount of fiber contained in cassava is exactly what is needed in when looking out to cut some pound. Having cassava in daily diet can help cut down weight.
  3. Amazing for digestive system: The fiber contained in cassava also helps improving the digestive system by absorbing the toxins from intestine and allows reduction in inflammation, which keeps one healthy and away from gastrointestinal problems.

Cassava is an income-earning crop for farmers and it also presents enormous opportunities for trade between areas with food surplus and food deficit. Greater consumption of convenience food and food that are perceived as more desirable brings about higher income. Hence, if the cassava products are convenient and in a more desirable state, there will be increased market for cassava. A huge profit is attainable in cassava farming if a suitable variety of cassava is cultivated with the right management skills.

If you know any other health benefits of cassava, let us know in the comment section below.

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